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Web Design


My approach to creating new websites is based on an understanding of effective user interface design combined with experience of effective content management, added to by a rational search engine optimisation strategy. Every website regardless of its purpose must successfully respond to the following facets if it is to be successful and achieve its aims:

  • User Interface – A clear user interface that allows users to interact efficiently and successfully with the website
  • Design – Original and creative design that offers the right message to the intended audience
  • Technology – Appropriate and effective implementation of the latest proven technology



I’m off to Code Academy

23 January, 2012

I’m joining Mayor Bloomberg of New York by joining the Codeacademy in 2012. For those unfamiliar with the concept Codeacademy was launched by a new start up in New York to make programming more accessible. Education has for some time been seemingly focused on how to use software rather than how to create it, which [...]