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  1. I’m off to Code Academy

    23 January, 2012 by dgeorge

    I’m joining Mayor Bloomberg of New York by joining the Codeacademy in 2012. For those unfamiliar with the concept Codeacademy was launched by a new start up in New York to make programming more accessible. Education has for some time been seemingly focused on how to use software rather than how to create it, which is a much more valuable skill to have.

    Personally I’ve worked with server languages like Javascript, ASP and PHP in my projects going on for five years – but have never ‘gone back to square one’ in terms of programming essentials. Codeacademy presents a series of lessons in an easily accessible interface to allow quick progress and a satisfying level of knowledge retention, something I’ve always found lacking from many books.

    2012 is apparently going to be the year the masses become familiar with the concept of programming, something i think will only benefit us all as community projects develop constantly evolving applications that touch our day-to-day lives. We could see an acceleration in the progress towards more efficient yet more powerful software that speeds up the tasks we constantly find more and more tiresome in the digital age.

    Screenshot of Codeacademy website

  2. Will the SOPA blackout make a difference?

    19 January, 2012 by dgeorge

    The best indicator that could be used to judge the success of Tuesday’s worldwide SOPA blackouts is the figure from Google, who announced that 4.5 million people signed the online petition linked from their homepage on Wednesday. It probably helped that Google emphasized sharing with the petition. Once you signed it, Google asked that you shared it via Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

    Did you get involved? How often do we actually use Wikipedia anyway?

    Watch this TED talk from Clay Shirky explaining why SOPA and the surrounding developments matter to each of us. Just watch it. I learned something, and I’m sure you will too.

  3. Who owns my Tweets?

    3 November, 2011 by dgeorge

    Chris Crum at Web Pro News enlightened everyone with his recent post on the subject.

    Twitter has made a few revisions to its terms of service, to address issues like advertisements, tweet ownership, APIs, and spam. There aren’t as many surprises as some were expecting, but there are some things worth noting, in particular, Twitter’s stance on who owns tweets.

    “The revisions more appropriately reflect the nature of Twitter and convey key issues such as ownership. For example, your tweets belong to you, not to Twitter,” says Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone.

    Twitter’s terms of service are not necessarily finalised though. Stone made it quite aparent that they are still open to feedback, and will make adjustments if they deem them necessary. There is even a feedback link right on the terms page. So if you have concerns about anything within, don’t hesitate to let Twitter know.

  4. Hello world!

    3 July, 2011 by dgeorge

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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